Yard Pod

A compact, prefab backyard workspace designed for work-life balance is a transformative solution for those seeking an elegant escape from home-life distractions. Crafted with heated flooring, cross-ventilation, and customizable features, Yard Pod offers a dedicated haven for professionals.

108 sqft
Your backyard
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Crafting Work-Life Balance with Yard Pod

In response to the evolving challenges posed by the pandemic, we created Yard Pod, a revolutionary prefab backyard workspace. Traditional solutions like laneway houses were often hindered by permits, cost, and space limitations. Recognizing the growing need for a dedicated work environment to draw a clear line between professional and personal life, the Yard Pod emerged as a compact, customizable solution. Spanning 108 square feet—an ideal space for an office, workshop, or studio without the hassle of permits.

Designed with comfort in mind, YardPods boast heated flooring, cross-ventilation, and optional upgrades such as a two-way fireplace and an accordion glass door, seamlessly connecting the interior with the backyard. We prioritized personalization, using thermal treated pine or fiber-cement siding to match the client's house aesthetics.

This innovative structure not only fulfills the practical need for a dedicated workspace but also rejuvenates the often underutilized backyard space. YardPods have found favor among entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals seeking privacy for patient engagements, and individuals desiring a dedicated space for work or leisure. YardPods represent an enticing solution for those seeking a transformative work environment, free from Zoom call distractions and home-life interruptions, redefining the work-from-home experience with YardPod—where functionality meets elegance.