Embodying the company’s ethos, we designed a multi-functional hub of creativity, blending diverse zones, from gym to workspaces, fostering collaboration and adaptability.

3,000 sqft
Toronto, ON
Project details

Dynamic Transformation: Umoro's Adaptive Brand Hub

Umoro is one of the fastest growing lifestyle and wellness companies in Canada focused on innovative products and content. As they focus on active street-style fashion, marking a new chapter in their journey, they needed a physical space that serves as a reflection of their brand essence and aspirations. Within a 3,000 square feet area, this workspace space was meticulously crafted to embody their ethos.

It seamlessly merges various functional zones, including an entry exhibition case, a yoga studio, a collaborative workspace, a kitchen tailored for content creation, a prototype workshop, an open work area, a fully equipped gym, and shower facilities. This thoughtful integration of diverse sections facilitates a holistic environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and wellness within the company.

The multi-functional layout, initially designed for wellness, now offers a flexible canvas to support their foray into the vibrant world of street-style fashion. Umoro's space continues to be a dynamic backdrop for their creativity and innovation, mirroring their adaptability and determination to evolve.