This project is the first mid-rise timber structure in Ontario for residential use. The building has state of the art sustainability practices applied to its construction methods and materials utilized. Finishing of the suites followed strict guidelines while being affordable with an extensive use of locally available materials.

10,000 sqft
Toronto, ON
Project details

Eco-Conscious Living: Sustainability at the Core of Ontario's Residential Landmark

Embarking on groundbreaking innovation, this project marks the inauguration of the first mid-rise timber structure in Ontario designed for residential purposes. Distinguished by its commitment to sustainability, the building incorporates state-of-the-art practices in both construction methods and the materials utilized. The journey from concept to completion prioritized eco-conscious decisions, ensuring a harmonious blend of technological advancement and environmental responsibility.

In adherence to rigorous guidelines, the finishing of the suites reflects a thoughtful approach that balances quality with affordability. Syllable Inc. prioritizes locally available materials, contributing to the regional economy while maintaining a commitment to accessible design. The design process navigated the complexities of pioneering sustainable construction in a residential context, with a focus on integrating innovative solutions that align with the principles of eco-friendly architecture.

Beyond being a structural milestone, this project serves as a testament to Syllable Inc.'s dedication to redefining norms in the architectural landscape. It not only introduces a novel approach to mid-rise residential structures but also showcases the firm's unwavering commitment to creating spaces that embody the essence of sustainability, functionality, and accessibility for the benefit of the community and the environment.