Neurodiverse Tech Office

Aligning management vision with its neurodiverse staff needs in a 55,000 sqft. office space and achieving environmental goals by exemplifying our commitment to vibrant, functional, and eco-conscious corporate spaces.

55,000 sqft
Toronto, ON
Project details

Neurodiverse Design: Corporate Workspace Transformation

In the dynamic transformation of Achievers' workspace, we took on the challenge of converting a three-story, 55,000 sqft. shell into an innovative design for their 400+ neurodiverse staff. Anchored in a neuroaesthetic approach, our concept aligned management vision with staff needs, creating diverse spaces tailored to varied working areas and privacy levels.

Thorough surveys and stakeholder interviews unveiled discrepancies between leadership requests and staff needs, inspiring the creation of dedicated areas for focused work and collaboration. The design incorporated five key themes, including activity-based working and effective acoustics, fostering a diverse and engaging atmosphere. Multiple amenities on different floors encouraged movement and interaction, promoting a sense of community and well-being.

Sustainability took center stage, with carbon-neutral flooring, FSC-certified wood veneer, and recycled materials in furniture contributing to achieving environmental goals while saving costs. The incorporation of biophilic elements, like living green walls and nature-inspired decor, brought a tranquil and wellness-centric ambiance. This project exemplifies our commitment to crafting vibrant, functional, and environmentally conscious corporate spaces, achieving sustainability objectives and enhancing the well-being of both staff and the environment.

Design led by Syllable, in collaboration with X-design.