Mississaugas of the Credit Museum & Cultural Center

Anishinaabe-inspired Museum & Cultural Center design, reflecting seasonal migration & cultural legacy, featuring connected exhibit volumes, workshops, and protective elements while highlighting survival strategies.

20,200 sqft
Mississauga, ON
Project details

Embracing Tradition: Anishinaabe Cultural Museum Concept

Our concept design of the Mississauga’s Museum & Cultural Center celebrating the Anishinaabe people was Inspired by the seasonal migration of aboriginal tribes. We began by creating connected volumes housing exhibition space corresponding to the 4 quarters of the Aboriginal Medicine wheel, with each quadrant representing the 4different seasons.

A centrally located circular theatre would host performances while workshops would be held in the 3classrooms adjacent to the exhibits. The client wanted to create a center for educating schools and corporations about Canadian Aboriginal culture while empowering the local community. Our design allows the visitor to have a glimpse of how the aboriginal people thrived by living off the land through four drastically different seasons and to experience their rich yet fragile cultural fabric (Medicine Wheel Source: Canadian Federation of Library Association).

Functional programs such as reception area, gift shops, loading area, and storage is then integrated. The spatial volumes within are protected by a solid wall to circumvent potential vandalism and mischief. Open courtyard spaces with themed outdoor elements showcases the outdoor survival strategies of the Anishinaabe people and serves as the transition space between one exhibition space to the next through protected walkways.

Green roofs are created for spaces housing functional programs, central theatre as well as classrooms, while the 4 exhibits are equipped with UV-proof skylights for access to natural light. The weather treated timber beam roof mounted above provides shade to the open courtyard spaces between volumes and circulation.