Manor Residence

Integrating a contemporary kitchen with a multipurpose island, and floor-to-ceiling glass doors opening to an outdoor deck for sunlight and views, complemented by cozy exterior wood slats.

2,200 sqft
Toronto, ON
Project details

Versatile Spaces: Redefining Home Living

Our redesign focuses on crafting a multifunctional space to cater to the needs of an expanding family who love to entertain guests. Leveraging the zoning parameters, we extended the square footage by adding a strategically sized square volume behind the existing structure.

This newly added space houses a contemporary kitchen fused seamlessly with a multifaceted dining area, where an innovative kitchen island serves multiple purposes, doubling as a breakfast bar, lounge seating, and dining table. Stepping outside, floor-to-ceiling glass doors gracefully open onto an outdoor deck, inviting natural light and picturesque views. Embracing a warm and inviting ambiance, the exterior is adorned with weather-treated wood slats for a comforting natural feel.