Live/Work Townhouse

Maximizing natural light, productivity, and urban harmony in townhomes through innovative architectural elements.

7,860 sqft
Project details

Integrated Design: Creating Seamless Live/Work Environments

For maximum flexibility, our Live/Work concept is designed to serve as a template for accommodating different lifestyles. Oftentimes, basement units are undesirable spaces due to lack of natural light. We’ve brought in light wells and carved out a sunken courtyard to counter that – making the Foundation Level is great space to work. Alternatively, the upper level with an outdoor terrace is designed to be the type of space that makes you want to linger a bit longer, perfect for those who spend the majority of their waking hours at the office.

Designed to be Urban Infill Townhomes, our Live/Work concept uses metal screens to provide a subtle sense of privacy for the upper levels. Fair-face concrete, metal, and wood were chosen as exterior materials to complement the interior, creating a sense of congruency between the inside and out. A thick horizontal gunmetal band runs through the length of the development to visually anchor the composition while housing planters that allows vines to snake through and vegetate the metal screen above.