Lakeside Wellness Retreat

Interconnected spaces, indoor spa, in harmony with nature, with exterior docks and longhouse cabins that create a vibrant, communal environment.

200,000 sqft
Georgian Bay, ON
Project details

Connecting Cultures: A Fusion of Community & Nature

The main public facility of the Wellness Center is expressed as a series of interconnected conjoined social spaces, reminiscent of the “longhouses” of the indigenous Iroquois tribes. The major functions of this facility are to foster a sense of community by providing communal gathering spaces, indoor spa and wellness facilities, community gathering spaces, gift shops, and workshop training rooms. Extensive outdoor docks as well as boat houses with elevated outdoor patios, and sunken conversation pits act as the exterior communal space of the facility.

The interior of the longhouse cabin celebrates the surrounding nature of the site by incorporating elements that connect the indoor living space to the outdoor living space through fenestration features and the indoor/outdoor fireplace. The use of light wood materials and a bright color palette complements the existing space surrounding the cabin while allowing for Canadian artists and furniture makers to be featured in the space as well. The architectural language of the longhouse cabin offers the opportunity for an extension as each cabin can house single guests or families.