Imperfect Fresh Eats

Rural serenity meets urban vitality at Imperfect Fresh Eats - a design blending countryside aesthetics with biophilic charm.

1,200 sqft
Toronto, ON
Project details

An Urban Oasis: Imperfect Fresh Eats' Unique Design

Our award-winning design for Imperfect Fresh Eats was inspired by the experience of dining outdoors at a countryside vineyard under a vegetated trellis and a warm summer day with the sunlight streaming through the vines.

The dining space is conceived as an urban oasis that offers a sense of calm and restorative ambiance through the integration of biophilic design. Real flowers and foliage preserved by glycerin are hung from a ceiling suspended wooden trellis while a choreographed series of undulating light-droplets come together to create an ethereal effect.

A linear condiments bar that houses disposal bins physically separates the dining area from the high-traffic barrier-free entry walkway. An accented cut-out slot in the front marble counter allows convenient pick-up for customers ordering takeout. The rest of the interior detailing was deliberately muted to allow the vegetated ceiling feature to take center stage.

Chevron patterns that mimic the look of building rafters are used throughout the restaurant to further build on the farm inspire theme. At the top of the corridor wall by the kitchen was cut in a zig-zag form left open to accommodate sprinklers. The washroom on the other hand, is conceived as the antithesis of the dining space and uses dark monochromatic material finishes with jungle themed wallpaper.