Consumers Square

Revamping a strip mall into sleek commercial units for sale - new roofing, modern facades, landscaping uplift.

147,644 sqft
Toronto, ON
Project details

Revitalizing Commercial Space: Transforming a Strip Mall

An ambitious transformation unfolded as we rejuvenated an antiquated strip mall into modern commercial units for sale. Focused on creating strata units, our work included pivotal enhancements to high-impact zones. The outdated sloped roof gave way to an innovative standing seam metal roof, with a striking triangulated graphic pattern, evoking a sense of drama. Extensions of the canopy strategically concealed the existing gutter, now concealed behind a new concrete-clad fascia complemented by sleek metal mesh panels adorning the building's street-facing corners, crafting a more contemporary allure.

Additionally, we curated new landscaping elements, ensuring seasonal diversity, and strategically placed accent up lighting to add the finishing touch to the site's revitalization. These deliberate changes rejuvenated the site, poised to offer modern, functional spaces ready for sale in the industrial and commercial condominium market.