Ask for Task Headquarters

Productive, hospitable space with domestic furniture, warm nooks, and translucent vinyl graphics for privacy yet visibility.

3,500 sqft
Toronto, ON
Project details

Striking a Balance: Hospitality and Productivity in Workspace Design

With the idea of bringing home to the office, we created a space that allows efficiency and a sense of hospitality to prosper. We sought to cultivate an environment where efficiency coexists with a feeling of warmth. Leveraging furniture typically found in domestic settings and integrating these elements within the office zones created inviting spaces, fostering a sense of comfort and coziness for the employees.

Our approach aimed to strike a balance between the professional environment and the comfort of home, designing areas within the workspace ensuring a pleasant and welcoming ambiance. For providing a sense of privacy without compromising visibility, we strategically featured vinyl graphics as semi-translucent partitions within the office layout.

These innovative solutions offered a delicate balance, offering a shield while still allowing glimpses into office space. This allowed natural light to permeate throughout the area, creating an open and airy atmosphere, while effectively delineating private areas. Our design thinking revolved around not just aesthetics but also functionality, ensuring that the workspace remains visually open and welcoming while still providing the necessary discretion for individual work zones.