Accessible Laneway Retreat

Exploring laneway houses as a solution to future pandemics, an aging population, and housing shortages, offering self-contained, multi-generational living, incorporating optimal design strategies and green spaces within the existing urban fabric.

1,250 sqft
Project details

Evolving Typologies: Laneway Homes for a Changing World

Thinking about forces that shape the way we live and work in uncertain times, we thought about ideal typologies that can address future pandemics, the Silver Tsunami of aging baby boomers, and the shortage of housing through the exploration of Laneway houses. It makes almost perfect sense: the ability to socially isolate while living in a self-contained unit, still within the same housing lot for multi-generational housing and for boosting density of the existing urban fabric.

First, we map out the required setbacks, followed by programming the first and second floors, introduce lighting strategies that maximizes natural light, incorporate different methods of entry, incorporate accessibility elements, and finally, adding in green spaces and outdoor amenities – all nestled within an existing urban fabric.