Symphony of Sustainability: How Innovation & Collaboration Brought meLo to Life

Priya Osanna Smith

The 25th anniversary of the Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto was a significant milestone, marking a heartfelt journey into the future of design. Beyond being a mere event, it served as a window into the future of design, where spaces evolve, flourish, and become integral parts of our lives, reflecting and shaping our experiences.

Future Neighborhood

Picture yourself strolling down a bustling street, each corner revealing a design solution for tomorrow's challenges. This was the essence of Future Neighborhood, where each installation resonated with a deep understanding of human needs and aspirations.

The exhibits showcased a kaleidoscope of six visionary design teams, Interior Architects (IA), Noam Hazan, Safoura Zahedi, SDI Design with Q4 Architects, SVN, and us, Syllable Design. It was a journey through design, presenting solutions to the housing crisis, the blurring of work and life, graceful aging in place, and the integration of technology in different interiors. 

We pride ourselves on our Collaborative approach and this exhibit demonstrates how we weave unique pieces together to become an integrated whole. We’re thrilled to be showcasing our own vision, meLo, for reimagining wellness in the future of workspaces, in collaboration with our amazing sponsors.  

Our Future Neighborhood exhibit 'meLo' at IDS24 in Toronto.

meLo's Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

meLo transforms the traditional workplace into a haven of well-being and support, merging technology, nature, and restoration to craft a truly transformative office environment. Through innovative features like binaural lighting, soothing scents, and tactile textures, meLo emphasizes environmental and emotional responsibility while maintaining a delicate balance between the digital and natural worlds. The result is an inclusive ecosystem that nurtures personal growth, fosters creativity, and encourages meaningful social interactions. 

Here, we uncover the collaborative journey of meLo where design innovation and corporate wellness converge harmoniously. 

EBS Construction

EBS Construction, known for their heart-centered commitment and transparent approach, played a pivotal role in bringing meLo to life. Their expertise in navigating projects of all sizes was evident as they seamlessly integrated into the collaborative process, becoming an extension of our team's vision. With honesty and transparency as their guiding principles, EBS Construction brought a sense of trust and reliability to the project, ensuring a smooth execution amidst tight timelines. In meLo, their dedication shone through as they expertly navigated logistical challenges and demonstrated their genuine passion for seeing visions become reality.

The EBS team bringing meLo to life, one meticulous detail at a time.

Maxxit Group

The calmness of meLo conveys a serene sense of tranquility. This quietude wasn't accidental, it was meticulously sculpted by the skills of Maxxit Group. Specializing in emotional well-being through design, Maxxit's Silentia products were the instruments of stillness and calm. The suspended ceiling baffles, crafted in soft, undulating shapes, diffused sound with a gentle grace, creating a haven of acoustic comfort and visual harmony. This wasn't just about functionality, it was about how each piece imbued with quiet elegance, exuded a deep understanding of the human need for both quietness and connection.

 Maxxit’s Silentia felt ceiling baffles creating a sense of calmness.

Matthew McCormick Studio

Matthew McCormick Studio, renowned for creating soulful pieces, brought their expertise to meLo with the radiant Ova pendants. Crafted from hand-blown glass, each pendant glowed with an ambient warmth, like an upside down campfire. Their modularity mirrored the evolving needs of a dynamic workplace, fostering collaboration and personalization. Through their contribution, Matthew McCormick Studio illuminated meLo with a gentle luminescence, infusing calm into the heart of work reminding us to breathe, to relax, to let go of the frenetic energy of the outside world. 

The ethereal glow of Matthew McCormick's Ova pendants, mirroring the very essence of well-being.

IDY Space

The side wall of meLo featured a wavy wall installation by IDY Space. As the exclusive Canadian partner of MR Walls, they craft customized multidimensional LED walls that defy traditional design norms. Their nature inspired installation in meLo, mimicked water ripples, and infused the space with a sense of calm and wellness. The surface invited exploration, captivating visitors with its unexpected texture and design. Resilient and versatile, their creation seamlessly integrated with the environment, inspiring imagination and adding to the overall experience of meLo.

IDY Space’s carved LED wall imitating rippling water.

The Indoor Forest 

Specializing in biophilic design, The Indoor Forest, led by visionary founder Stevie Klick, brought nature to life in meLo with a lush green moss wall. With a focus on sustainability and minimal maintenance, their meticulously crafted indoor landscapes and botanical arrangements not only enhance aesthetics but also purify the air and create a sense of serenity. The gorgeous texture of the moss formations and the delicate arrangement of preserved blooms are an ode to nature's resilience and beauty. Each element served as a gentle reminder of the harmony that exists between humans and the environment, highlighting the restorative power of nature in modern spaces.

The verdant hues of moss with soft texture echoing the feel of a forest floor.

Miller Knoll

Within meLo, where a sanctuary of well-being unfolded, at its core lay the masterful work of MillerKnoll. From the Herman Miller Bevel Sofa, designed to embrace collaboration and connection, to the strategically placed Nelson Side Tables fostering shared purpose, every element reflected the power of design to shape well-being. Placed with intention, it not only defined the space but also spoke a silent language of inclusivity. Their research-driven approach, informed by Total Wellbeing principles, ensured that every detail resonated with a sense of belonging and empowerment, enriching the experience within meLo.

The graceful curves of MillerKnoll’s Herman Miller Bevel Sofa, inviting physical comfort and social connection.

Doner Turrin Inc. 

Rachel Doner Turrin, the masterful art curator, brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for innovative design to the creation of meLo's art installation. With a focus on pushing boundaries and creating something extraordinary, Rachel's vision for the project seamlessly blends nature and technology, reflecting the future-forward ethos of meLo. Her dedication to curating visually stunning and conceptually rich experiences brought future wellness to life in a truly unique way. Most of all, she knew the best people who can create bespoke handmade glass artwork and present it in a very contemporary way into the future; Eva and the talented team at Soffi Studio. 

Rachel Doner Turrin’s vision bringing future wellness to life in an extraordinary way.

Soffi Studio 

Soffi Studio brought their expertise in decorative glass craftsmanship to meLo's entrance art installation. With a passion for creating bespoke handmade glass artwork, they created a drizzle of ‘raindrop veil’, with the delicate and sustainable beauty of blown glass. This veil cascaded from a Baltic Birch canopy, mirroring the flow and the organic patterns of the space. Crafted exclusively for meLo, this veil of mixed finishes embodied the future of wellness in interior design. This captivating installation was a compelling invitation for visitors to explore the intersection of future, technology, and wellness.

Soffi Studio’s shimmering veil of bespoke glass work adding a touch of agility to the space.

Doing Things Simply Inc.

The distant corner walls of meLo faded away, revealing expansive landscapes. This transformation was meticulously crafted by Doing Things Simply (DTS), specialists in seamless communication solutions. Understanding the critical role of connectivity in contemporary environments, DTS strategically positioned two 86-inch screens within meLo, transforming them into gateways of inspiration and connection. Their comprehensive approach guaranteed a smooth experience, free from technical hiccups or complications. They curated an immersive journey seamlessly aligned with meLo's vision of blending technology and nature harmoniously.

The communication solutions by Doing Things Simply, dissolving the walls into expansive landscapes.

Mohawk Group 

One element that played a vital role in seamlessly weaving the space together was the carpet. And not just any carpet, but a canvas of nature's hidden kingdom, fabricated by the Mohawk Group. Their Above & Below collection, specifically MycoBiome, was an immersive biophilic journey inspired by the unseen world of mushrooms. This dynamic carpet design offered a playful exploration of nature's patterns. What truly distinguished Mohawk was their commitment to sustainability, evident in the EcoFlex One backing boasting 75% recycled content. Moreover, the plush softness added a touch of homey coziness, blurring the lines between work and wellness.

Mohawk Group’s MycoBiome carpet, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all living things.

The Future of Workplace Wellness 

meLo wasn't just an exhibit; it was a glimpse into the future of work. A future where offices aren't just places to churn out tasks, but sanctuaries that nurture creativity, spark connection, and leave us feeling revitalized. It was a future built on biophilic design, where nature becomes a silent partner in our well-being. It was a future woven from sustainable practices, where responsibility becomes an intrinsic part of every design decision. And most importantly, it was a future built on collaboration, where diverse minds come together to create something more significant than themselves.

So, the next time you step into your office, take a moment to look around. Could it be a bit more meLo? Could it incorporate a touch of nature's calming influence? Could it be designed with sustainability in mind? And most importantly, could it be a space that fosters collaboration and sparks joy? The future of work is waiting to be written, and meLo has shown us a beautiful, inspiring way forward.

meLo: The Future of Workplace Wellness
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